Thursday, March 25, 2010

A journey of a thousand miles begins.......................

Three decades and four years ago, exactly on this day a woman from a small town of Fort Beaufort in the Eastern Cape gave birth to a son at Baragwanath Hospital. She gave the boy the Scottish name: Donald (after St. Donald of the Domnhall clan), meaning world ruler. Although initially she had intended to name him Dominic she eventually decided against that because her friend already had a son named Dominic.

On the very same day her husband was driving home from work and a drunk stumbled from the side of the road and fell onto the car. People rushed to see the 'accident' and a mob wanted to attack him for having 'knocked down' a pedestrian. Policemen who happened to be passing by saw the mob gathered and thought it might be a political rally. Moving in to disperse the crowd they managed to save the driver from a mob who wanted justice against a "reckless driver". A section of the crowd testified that the man fell onto the car and as luck would have it the drunken pedestrian woke up reeking of alcohol and when asked if he is fine he blurted out insults to the police and the driver. The white policeman at the scene looked at the driver and said "go home this is your lucky day".

Upon arriving home this woman's husband wanted to tell every one of what had just happened but he was told that he has just been blessed with a son. Since he already had two daughters, he said "indeed this is my lucky day". He intended to name his son Nhlanhla, which is Zulu for Luck and since there was already a boy named Nhlanhla in the family he decided otherwise and used his wife's language to name his son: Thamsanqa. Thus started the life of Donald Thamsanqa Malinga, the brown stranger, world ruler, a man who would remain a mystery to many and be an influential leader within his family.

I take pride in the couple that gave me life and raised me, I always say "Ngizalwa yinsizwa nentombi". The journey of life is so amazing, i never knew and the thought never crossed my mind that i will come to dislike the week I was born, why you ask. My dad's birthday is four days prior to mine (21 March) and my mom's is just a few hours from mine (26 March) and both are now resting in the company of family and spiritual elders.

I write this pain in my heart but at the same time with a feeling of joy. I am crying not because I have lost hope and all but because I am happy at the way my parents and everyone in my proximity have raised me. I am grateful that my dad saw me through it all in life and saw me getting married and I know he will tell mother that. I am grateful for my wife, who is the voice of reason in my life, my siblings (especially my sisters Lindiwe and Lindelwa and cousin brother Muzikayise). I am grateful at the friends and everyone in my network.

The thousand miles journey that began three decades and four years ago is still on track and I invite you to come with me. HERE'S TO THE NEXT THREE DECADES AND FOUR YEARS of trials and most importantly tribulations.

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